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"Our Community in Tiny Eyes with LINE FRIENDS minini" Colouring Competition (Territory-wide Flag Day 2024)


Never doubt that one small step at a time can change the community.


Through children’s unique perspectives and boundless imaginations, the colouring competition aims to unleash creativity in children to depict our community. Together with LINE FRIENDS minini, children will embark on a journey to explore the untold stories of our community with their little eyes and infuse the community with hope and vitality. Along the way, we hope that children can learn to be caring towards others, actively listen, and embrace differences. Through this, we aspire to infuse the spirit of ”Understanding. Unwavering." within the community.





The competition will be divided into three categories: Kindergarten, Junior Primary, and Senior Primary. The following prizes will be awarded in each division:

  • Champion: certificate of merit and coupon worth HK$1,000
  • 1st runner-up: certificate of merit and coupon worth HK$800
  • 2nd runner-up: certificate of merit and coupon worth HK$500
  • 3 merit awards: certificate of merit and book coupon worth HK$300


In addition, the competition will also feature a "Most Popular Award", which will be given to the 3 entries from each category that receive the most "likes" from the public.


All winning entries from all the categories will have the opportunity to be showcased at the " MTR Community Gallery".


*All participants will receive a certificate of participation to acknowledge their efforts.

*The winners will be contacted directly to arrange for prize collection and details regarding the exhibition.



Submission Deadline: 31 July 2024 (Late submissions will not be accepted)

Announcement of Results: 19 August 2024



Participants are required to finish their artwork on the colouring template provided for the "Our Community in Tiny Eyes with LINE FRIENDS minini" Colouring Competition (Territory-wide Flag Day 2024).


Submission Criteria

  • Only two-dimensional artwork is accepted. Artwork must not exceed the boundaries of the colouring template provided.
  • Entrants can use media such as watercolour, crayons, coloured pens, pencils, etc., for their creations.
  • For entrants from Kindergarten Category, it is recommended that parents and children collaborate on the artwork. Children can also complete the work independently. Meanwhile, the artwork must be completed individually by the entrants from junior and secondary primary category.


Assessment Criteria

  • Overall artistic appearance - 50%
  • Colouring skills and use of colour - 30%
  • Creative features - 20%


Adjudication Panel

  • The Hon. Mr. Justice POON Siu-tung, Chairperson of the Excecutive Committee for SideBySide
  • Sylvia W.Y. SIU, JP, Chairperson of Fund Raising Committee
  • Stephen CHAN, Honourary Consultant of SideBySide
  • Anthea LEE Shuk-wai, Chief Executive of SideBySide
  • Representatives from LINE FRIENDS

*Special thanks to Award Sponsor 志雲頻道Stephen Channel 


Application Fee:

HK$50 or above (Online donations for Flag Day)


Submission Method:

  1. Download the coloring template from the organisation's website. The template should be printed on white A4 size paper (21cm x 29.7cm).
  2. Make a donation of HK$50 or above through the designated donation webpage by July 31, 2024. (Each entrant can only submit one entry. Multiple donations will not be counted as additional entries.)
  3. Click here to complete the online registration form and upload the completed artwork with the screenshot of the donation record to the designated online application channel by July 31, 2024.
  4. Entrants are requested to keep their original works for future exhibition purposes.